5 Home Activities That Use Eggs!

alternative uses for eggsEggs are not only good for eating! There are other home activities where eggs are used. Here is a list of cool egg-based activities to try.

Nutrition-Enhancer For Small Plants – When it comes to survival, small plants needs all the nutrition they should get. How to achieve this?

Prepare a seedbed with 50 percent garden soil and topped it with another 50 percent egg shells.

Since eggshell is rich calcium, it will enhance the newly-sprouted plant to grow healthier. Transfer the plant to your garden after it has grown to around 3 inches tall.

You can also plant them into an eggshell and transfer it to your garden when the time is ripe.

Soil Compost –another good use of eggshells is for soil compost since it is high in calcium content. To make your soil richer, just crushed spare eggshells and mix it up with the soil. Your plants will be more healthy.

Shoo Those Pest Away! – Irritated by the presence of leaf eaters like slugs and snails? Simply crushed some eggshells and scatter them on the plants’ leaves and presto! The soft-bellies of these pests will get hurt as they move across the eggshells jagged corners.

Once they felt the pain, these leaf-eaters will immediately shy away from your plants.

Egg Shampoo – A natural moisturizer, egg is an excellent ingredient in creating a hair shampoo. To make one, in a bowl, prepare a solution of olive oil, egg yolk and water. Let it lather. Then, apply the solution on damp hair and let it rests for about 5 minutes before rinsing.

Since egg is rich in fats and other nutrients, it will promote a shiny and bouncy hair.

Yolk-Based and White-Based Facial Cleanser – Want to look much younger than your age? Then prepare a yolk-based facial cleanser. Cracked a couple of eggs and separate the yolks. Make a solution by mixing the yolks with a little water. Rich in Vitamin A, egg yolk moisturizes your skin. While white-based facial cleanser promotes healthy and smoother skin.

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