Big Living in a Small Apartment

great life small apartmentWe moved to a small apartment after living all our lives in houses with yards and all the work and up keep that goes with it. I find that I wouldn’t trade living in a small apartment for all the tea in China.

I have time for my projects and hobbies that I never had time for before and the house work is light and a joy.

I admit the storage is a bit tight but I have found it can be done and conveniently.

We have a small balcony overlooking the board walk which is just the right size for a friends dropping in. We have a closet that opens up from the balcony which will hold a lot of things.

Our Christmas decorations and quilting supplies, odd tables and brick a brack, boxes of things we might need sometime.

In our small laundry room (closet size) I have shelves we use for pantry and laundry supplies, plastic containers of things for the kitchen that I don’t use often.

We also keep our vacuum cleaner in there and hooks where I hang brooms and mops. In my small miniature kitchen, I store kitchen supplies in shelves and drawers. I have a rack on the only free wall for pots and pans. Micro wave, coffee maker and toaster set on the counter.

We have one linen closet where we store blankets, quilts, table cloths, sheets, pillow cases, my sewing machine and sewing basket. Our coats are hung in the small living room closet. On the shelf above all our sweaters, scarves and caps are folded. On the floor of the closet is a large box of files and supplies my better half uses in his part time job.

In our bedroom closet we moved in a chest of drawers. On top of it is stacked our tee shirts and other knits. In the drawers are our under wear and other clothing. On the top shelves of the closet are bedspreads and quilts, he has two rods for clothes on one side and my two are on the other.

Underneath in plastic containers are gifts we buy and wrapping paper. On the closet door I have an over the door hook that we hang some clothing on.

On the bedroom side of the door we have a shoe rack that holds 18 pairs of shoes and my Pro Choice boots. We have one bed in the bedroom (I have boxes under the bed where I store our out of season clothing) and one desk that holds a computers. A dresser, desk, and small cabinet of shelves for papers, and two book cases.

The TV sits on the top shelf of more shelves that hold baskets for camera, CD’s and other things.

In the living room we have a dining table and four chairs. A couch, loveseat, small chair and two low book cases acting as occasional tables, One also holds a lamp. A coffee table, lamp table, small table for the TV, a table holding another computer, and small table for phone and phone books completes the living room.

In the bathroom we have shelves for all our towels and bathroom supplies. Also under the sink I have a trunk for my sewing and art materials.

I bring my sewing machine to the dining table when I want to sew and my art supplies when I paint.

As you can see we make use of every inch of our space but it all fits in and we enjoy our free life style that an apartment affords. We also have a pool in our complex and an exercise room which we make full use of.

We have a board walk that takes us by the creek and up a wooded hill. We love it and try to walk every day. We are enjoying a freer oriented lifestyle than ever before.

If your kids are grown and you are tired of the work and upkeep of a home and are thinking about down sizing you might enjoy the freedom of apartment living as much as we do.

If you already live in a small apartment, I hope my solutions for storage space will be of help to you and make your life easier.

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