Funeral Insurance – A Necessary Precaution

be prepared for deathThinking about funeral insurance is probably even less fun than thinking about your own funeral, but trust us: you’ll feel much better with this important coverage in place.

Many companies offer insurance for funerals, so your problem will probably not be finding one that can cover you. The difficulty often arises when people don’t understand the ins and outs of funerals and the levels of coverage that are reasonable for different people.

If possible, pay yourself for your funeral arrangements in advance by accumulating savings especially for that purpose. There are “pre-need” insurance policies that help you pay for your funeral long beforehand.

While most types of insurance coverage deal with unlikely scenarios, funeral coverage treats a certain eventuality – you’re not concerned with if, but when you will pass away someday.

Be careful not to fall prey to a funeral plan scam – review your prospective insurer carefully. What is their rating with a big ratings bureau like A.M. Best or the BBB? How fair is their insurance contract?

Funeral costs are rising nationwide (several thousand dollars may not be enough for a funeral anymore), so it’s predictable that in today’s world, there would be unscrupulous scam artists seeking to prey on unsuspecting customers.

The best funeral coverage for you will depend entirely on your personal tastes. The costs for burial are different from those for cremation; the costs for insuring a fancy casket are understandably greater than those for a basic coffin.

Then there are people who have creative funeral ideas with a special theme, or special things needing to be done like a famous rock band playing in the background or having themselves stuffed.

Yes, I’ve seen a lot of strange things when it comes to burying people. And it’s your job to understand the deceased’s wishes and in turn being able to cover the costs of those wishes.

Make sure that you find out your state’s laws on pre-need funeral coverage. Some states may not allow it at present because of the above-mentioned funeral scams.

Talk with your family to ensure that your insurance policy will agree with the funeral you envision. Think about how much of the funeral plan you want your loved ones to receive in the form of post-funeral death benefits.

The last thing you want to do is to get caught unprepared. After all, death is rarely “planned” and more often than not comes at use unexpectedly. But if you have the right funeral insurance in lace, then it’s one less thing you’ll need to worry about at a time when your mind is not going to be the clearest.

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