How to Make Housework Fun

housework is funDo you think of housework as a necessary chore or something that helps you fit other things into your life? Trick yourself into thinking of housework as fun.

No one hates housework more than I do. It’s a necessary evil that I put off whenever I can, but trick myself into enjoying when I have to.

Because housework is something I don’t enjoy, I’ve developed a few ways of making it more enjoyable.

Maybe some of these ideas will appeal to you and help make those chores seem more manageable. Maybe you can tell us other ways to make this job more enjoyable.

Invite friends around for dinner: This really is my favorite way of getting the job done quickly. No one likes being caught out with an untidy house.

By inviting someone to your home, it simply seems part of the preparations for a successful evening – good food, pleasant surroundings and good company, since you are relaxed and feeling pleased with yourself for having made the effort.

That doesn’t mean I go for the House and Garden magazine look. Far from it. It means I dust, vacuum and wash floors and put things away in their correct places.

Music and song: It sometimes seems I never make time to listen to my favorite music. So, whenever possible I put on some music and listen as I work. The CD my husband gave me for Christmas has yet to be played – and no, that doesn’t mean I haven’t done the housework since Christmas.

Just that I keep forgetting this hint will lift my spirits and speed up the job. Choose the music to suit your mood. If you feel like singing to take your mind off what you’re doing, go for it. Before you know it your work is done.

Turn it into a physical workout: For the younger ones of you, it may surprise you that those days you can’t get to the gym, housework is a mighty alternative. Perhaps not as much as in my mothers day, when housework demanded much more physical energy, but cleaning floors, scrubbing the shower or bath, polishing windows, all demand movement that tones muscles. Have a clean, tidy house and look toned and trim at the same time.

What more can you ask for?

Promise yourself a treat: We are all human beings, we like having rewards in our lives. Sometimes the reward of satisfaction at a job well done is not enough. Tell yourself you’ll go see that movie you’ve been putting off once the ironing is done. Or take a walk in the park. Or visit your grandchildren. Whatever it is that makes you feel good, promise yourself time to do it, once the housework is done.

Try some of these ideas when you next need a change of attitude to get the housework done. As for me, I’m going to reward myself for writing, I’m going to put on that new CD and go wash the bathroom floor that is covered in muddy cat paw prints.

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