Moving Out of Parents House Checklist

moving checklist and pdfMoving out of your parents house for the first time, or even moving period can be quite stressful. So I’ve put together a checklist to help you prepare better and make sure you’re not forgetting anything important.

The last thing you want to do is move far away only to realize you’ve forgotten ten different things or you’re not getting your mail or something similar.

Prior to you move, you should go in the following checklist and ensure you’ve cared for everything on it.

Have you arranged to get or hook up new utilities in your new house? You’ll need to do this yourself if utilities aren’t included in your rent. Sometimes utility company’s ask for a deposit and even a background check to make sure you’ll pay the bills.

Have you taken down you meter readings and called them in? If you are paying for things like electric, gas and water, always write down what the meter says when you move in so there are no discrepancies later when the bill arrives. Even better, take a quick picture with your smart phone too.

Have anyone informed your bank, phone and any other services who regularly bill you at your old address of this new address?

Do anyone regularly contract a gardener, get delivery, maid service or various other third party service you will want to cancel?

Have you gone to the post office to file a change of address card?

If it’s not your first move, have you canceled any utilities you are currently paying for?

Have you ended all utilities, and informed any levy or local authorities of your move to enable them to adjust your final bill and now have it forwarded to your property?

Is everything packed? Have you either thrown away or donated the things you no longer want or need?

If you are causing furniture, have you checked that annoying in, underneath, behind or together with it?

Have you fulfilled any items that could ensure the return of this deposit (if you have one? )

Is every little thing packed and clearly marked?

Have you paid, or have you got the means to pay your new rent and deposits?

Have you appears explained, or marked out any repairs required of your old house like leaky faucets or a broken duct bank?

Have you left any manuals that you do not need, for appliances or items you’re jilting?

Have you transferred such things as your driver’s license, credit cards, passport or work permit to the new address?

Once you’ve ensured you’ve taken care of everything, you can move into your new house knowing that you can actually continue your life with no fear of disruption, identity theft or having to contact the new occupants belonging to the house with your complications. You’ll also be capable to relax and enjoy the particular move itself.

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